About TEN

About TEN

TEN-The Entrepreneurs Network, an entrepreneur networking organization, headquartered in Thane (near Mumbai) India is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed. Our activities and programs are focused on building the entrepreneurial and venture community. Efforts are dedicated to enable entrepreneurs to access resources and networks that help them accelerate their professional & business growth.

TEN is a platform for entrepreneurs from different business fields to come together. Members contribute connections, ideas and time to help TEN grow. Members are rewarded with training workshops conducted through tie-ups with various management institutes, and insights, networks, and camaraderie offered by other like-minded entrepreneur members.
TEN is committed to developing strategic partnerships with management Institutes of repute & other forums to bring in quality content, experienced faculties and mentoring sessions with entrepreneurs who have made it big.

TEN Mission

The mission of TEN is to support, promote and develop entrepreneurs across India.

Our motto is : Connect. Breakthrough. Prosper.


TEN facilitates entrepreneurs from various business fields to connect and network together.


Gain breakthrough by way of training workshops conducted by industry experts and camaraderie offered by entrepreneurs.


Members gain from their connections, ideas and mentorship which help them excel in their ventures.

Advantages of being TEN Member

Be up to date

Increase contacts

Leadership skills

Showcase business

Be seen on social media

TEN badge

Get mentored

Have fun

An association that walks the talk

Since 2010, We have set trends for others to follow
Remarkable ROI
Being a member of TEN is privilege for business owners to upgrade their knowledge, leadership skills, share knowledge, grow their connects and have a superb support system to help you in difficult times
Shriram Nijsure
Fleet Owner
Collaboration at it’s best
After joining TEN I realised that collaboration is an ingrained culture and not competition. Knowledge is shared freely even if the business may not go to them. It’s like deep friendship. It’s a culture that has been developed over many years.
Mangesh Patole
Vedant Cueing Systems Pvt Ltd
Grow you and your business!
For me TEN’s regular monthly programs in a nutshell by expert speakers helped me understand changes in tax policy, various acts quickly and be compliant. It helped me pick up new leadership & sales techniques and helps me focus on business with fresh outlook. Added support of business members helps me get out quickly if you are stuck without solutions
Ramkumar Srinivasan

TEN is filled with a variety of Programs and elements, made especially for you

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